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We are not taking the C19 risks lightly, and are doing everything in our power to provide an environment that is safe, and risk free to ensure you are better able to switch off, disconnect and ride with us again. We will also be constantly monitoring the situation to ensure this continues indefinitely.

We want to keep our community in the loop about everything we are doing to get our studio re-opening and C19 protection ready.



  • All of the Vicious team have been COVID19 protocol trained to ensure we are up to date with governmental and health expert recommendations

  • We have sought advice from cleaning professionals and consequently have upgraded all cleaning processes and products suited to recommendations for a C19 risk free environment

  • We are using strictly hospital grade detergent and disinfectant across all surface, floor and bike cleaning

  • We are implementing additional vigorous cleaning measures, before & after each class to ensure we are able to thoroughly clean all bikes, weights and shoes

  • We are increasing the use of our external cleaning company to ensure regularity of visits on top of our increased daily cleaning from staff

  • Cleanliness is of highest priority throughout the buildings

  • Our Front of House staff will be maintaining use of gloves where necessary to prevent transmittance. These will be regularly disposed to prevent any potential spread.

  • We will have a no contact temperature taker on-site to ensure if any symptoms are seen on riders, that we can follow up immediately. Please ensure you read the below rider requirements that involve riders being responsible for managing their attendance in accordance with their health appropriately.

  • We have updated processes that our riders will have to follow to ensure this is maintained, please see the next section below for this.

  • We are making hand sanitiser readily available on-site indefinitely


  • We are implementing reduced timetable with reduced class seating for relevant studios – 20 people + instructor maximum amount of riders in the room with appropriately spaced out bikes. We block off some bikes for no seating where necessary.

  • These social distancing measures of 1.5 metres in place all across the relevant studios.

  • We are taking away any manual sign in and instead verbal check in with our receptionists is essential to get signed in before class.

  • No cash is to be taken, card payments for the foreseeable future

  • Waiting around is minimised before and after class

  • Melbourne: Towels compulsory, we provide these free of charge to our Members. $2 for Classpass. No Personal Towels.




  • Ensure you have signed the updated Health & Safety waiver which references C19

  • Ensure you have no symptoms of Covid-19 which include:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Shortness of breath

  • Ensure you have not been unwell within 14 days of entering the studio.

  • Ensure you have not come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for C19.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20-30 seconds, multiple times a day and whenever you come into contact with other surface areas or people, and more so, right before class.

  • We expect you guys to bring your own towels and water bottles  to help limit any physical contact crossover.

  • Please come at least 20 minutes before class to allow time to queue into class in a safe way. There is going to be increased queues into the studio but the RIDE must go on on schedule to respect all health & safety procedures.

  • Late cancellation window is 6 hours. This should give people an appropriate amount of time to monitor their own health.

  • Please wait in the reception on the black social distanced floor circles if there is someone else lined up in front of you.

  • Please use hand sanitiser at the reception before taking shoes and entering into the waiting room.

  • Please announce your name on arrival and the receptionist will sign you in and remind you of your bike number.

  • Please allow the receptionist to take your temperature via contactless thermometer.

  • All riders must collect their own shoes in the reception area and head straight into the main room and onto their bike.

  • Any new riders or those who have forgotten how to set up their bike, need to watch our bike set up video on our INSTAGRAM IGTV (@VICIOUSCYCLE_) as need minimal contact between instructor and rider

  • Riders wait patiently on their bikes and while there is no touching, we’re expecting ALL of the chatting between the VC community before the class begins!


  • Wipe down your bikes before and after the RIDE takes place as an extra measure (we will be additionally wiping down between classes as well)

  • Enter in an orderly fashion, maintaining enough distance between other riders and make your way to your stationary bike, staying put until necessary

  • While we aren’t allowed to high five, we are expecting ALL the eye contact, whooping and words of encouragement from and to each other! We know you guys all miss each other but we must prioritise safety first!

  • We expect riders to bring their own water bottles to help limit any physical contact crossover.

  • Melbourne only: towels are provided and compulsory. Free for members, $2 for Classpass riders. No personal towels to be used.


  • Once you have said goodbye to your Vicious family (at a safe distance of course!) please exit the studio as soon as you can to minimise any cross-over times with the next class.

  • The showers and bathrooms will be open, but please be mindful and only use the bathrooms when necessary. If you are able to wash your hands / shower at your office space/ at home, please do. We have hand sanitiser readily available too.

  • Show the love for Vicious and our incredible instructors through your own sweaty selfies on Instagram to keep the positive vibes going!

  • @viciouscycle_

  • @viciouscyclesouthyarra

Any questions, please message us on sydney@viciouscycle.com.au / melbourne@viciouscycle.com.au