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Corporate spin Cycle


Bring the team together with our indoor ride cycle corporate offers.


Bringing Teams Together

Corporate Workshops

Now, more than ever, companies are working more with fitness centres like ourselves to help give back to their employees!

Whether you are working from home, or not, the whole dynamic of the office environment has changed, and we are all craving community & experiences more than ever.

We really pride ourselves on offering both and are honoured to have worked with many huge corporate companies around Sydney and Melbourne cities.


Providing healthy alternatives or add-ons to the usual team-building dinner & drinks options can create more unified connection between employees. We all know how important our health is, but Vicious helps you tap into the mental as well as the physical. The inclusive nature of the ride allows everyone to get involved and can be arranged at better times of the day to work around your office schedules.

It’s an enticing way to get all of the team in the office for a day by planning a fitness excursion!

What can we offer?

Ongoing corporate discounts
We organise a discount off our Ride Cards for you personally to enjoy (suits your personal schedule) where you can give to all your employees.
Company bought packages for booked seats in peak slot classes
to ensure you are still gaining access to healthy and positive endorphins (our most popular option!) Starts from $20 per seat.
an amazing way to bring together the team spirit by sweating it out together before/after work or on your lunch break. Starting from $480!
Corporate Challenges
are perfect for wellness initiatives you may have for your team! You pick the amount of classes as the goal target & we design up the scorecards and create a team spirit going! Starts from $15 a seat
Official Partner options
we organise a bespoke corporate wellness package for your company's needs. We often tie these to Wellness days throughout the year.

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Bringing Teams Together

frequently Asked Questions

It’s incredibly safe, especially for your joints as it involves using a stationary bike! The great thing about indoor cycling bikes is that you ultimately make the rules. If anything doesn’t feel good, or you need to sit down or stop, you are able to do so instantly. 

We match our legs to the beat to a variety of tempo’s with a huge focus to stay in the saddle until you are comfortable and safe enough to leave it. 

Spinning involves using indoor cycling bikes where you can climb or sprint to different tracks.

RIDE is a whole other world, get ready for your life to change! The music is euphoric, the bass pumping, and you’re matching your legs to the beat of the music. It’s a skill as well as a challenge, and there is no better feeling than a whole room synchronizing together. Trust us, you’ll be hooked just like us!

We coach to all levels, and always provide many options. Your safety (as well as enjoyment!) is our priority. Ultimately, you are on a stationary bike so are able to decide how fast, far or much you can go. You are always in control!

We recommend starting with BASE classes to get used to the simplified programme approach that allows you to really learn from the best foundation.

We are glad you asked! We have one track (a recovery tempo) where the lights are out and it’s just you, the beat and the music. It allows you to go within, if that’s what you need. Then we end every class with meditation and breathing exercises to help work on our minds, as well as our bodies. It gives us a chance to have a full mind and body practise, setting us up for a wonderful day or week ahead.

You just need to bring yourself, a big bottle of water (we also strongly recommend electrolytes) a towel (if Sydney based) and a willingness to try something new! You prepare by creating an account with us online, purchasing a package and then booking into classes on the timetable that suit you. Show up 15 minutes early to ensure adequate time to be shown around the facilities, try on the correct cleated shoes and set up appropriately on your bike.