**SPECIAL FOR NEW RIDERS – unlimited access for 14 days **

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Outdoor Sydney RIDE!

SATURDAY 15th OCTOBER: It’s time to rejuvenate…

We take our RIDE outside to Darling Harbour!

Let’s take you on a journey to ignite all your senses. We bring you fire and heat through our unique cycle experience…

Our premium bikes sitting on the magnificent and iconic Sydney waterfront,

Sparkling with sweat, we are open-air in the gorgeous Cockle bay Yacht Club,

Where we then take it to the matts. After our RIDE, we ground ourselves to the earth through a gorgeous Yoga Nidra practise.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth…
Your Mind, Body & Soul…

In partnership with

We can’t wait to take our incredible RIDE experience, outdoors & to such an iconic location with our incredible high-energy instructors… but we also want this to be a re-set. A da to rejuvenate ourselves. The grounding with Yoga & the connection with others is designed to help re-align ourselves after the amazing sweat we know and love. Come back to you, give yourself this well-deserved time!

Ticket Includes:

  • 45min RIDE
  • 45min YOGA FLOW
  • Breakfast with Coffee/Tea
  • Community Chillout Vibes!

Time options below:

8am RIDE + 9am YOGA

9am RIDE + 10am YOGA 

10am RIDE + 11am YOGA

*RIDE-only & YOGA-only options are available*

Community Chill open for everyone until 1pm!


$60 per ticket

Purchase tickets for different event times. All purchases include RIDE & YOGA. Breakfast, tea & coffee provided post-sweat. Community vibes & space until 1pm.

Due to our die-hard spin community wanting a little more…

GOT THAT NEW, NEW! RIDE ONLY $30 per ticket

Want to double/triple? Drop us an email and we can whack you a deal for being such a Vicious legend😉

Next Steps?

  1. Book your desired time-slot online
  2. No need to book yourself into a Timetable- we do it!
  3. Show up 15minutes before class time

Book now to secure your preferred time-slot!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is in Cockle bay Yacht Club which has a roof but we will leave it open-air if the weather permits! The bikes are looking out to Darling Harbour.

The show goes on baby! We have a roof we can use to keep us dry. Open-air if weather is good!

We have two separate tickets available: RIDE ONLY for $30 and RIDE & FLOW for $60. You aren’t able to purchase YOGA by itself currently. If you really wanted to, please email us on sydney@viciouscycle.com.au and we can see if there is space.

No you do not! This is open to absolutely everyone but limited to 24 spots with the bikes.

Absolutely! Our classes are designed for ALL LEVELS. We say, what a great way to try it for the first time, outdoors in an iconic location!

Rhythm Riding is incredibly safe, especially for your joints as it involves using a stationary bike! The great thing about indoor cycling bikes is that you ultimately make the rules. If anything doesn’t feel good, or you need to sit down or stop, you are able to do so instantly. 

We match our legs to the beat to a variety of tempo’s with a huge focus to stay in the saddle until you are comfortable and safe enough to leave it. 

frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! There is an option to pay for the retreat over 3 months.

No they are not and you’ll need to organise and book your own flight.

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Unlimited rides for 14 days - only $50