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The Ultimate Fitness Experience – Thailand.

It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t trained in Thailand before what exactly makes the experience so incredible. Most people who have followed my journey on both trips would read some of my posts and think, what on earth could possibly be so appealing about training two to three hours a day, in high humidity, high heat climate, pushing yourself so hard you have to leave mid class to throw up and then you cant move for hours post workout. It’s something you have to be in yourself to understand. Because there is a reason why those that leave to throw up come back and keep pushing and those that cant stand up post class rise to do it again. Its their purpose. Their end result they turned up in the first place to achieve. 

Ive never been in any other fitness environment before where lve seen every single person put in 200%. Ive built a community that have worked hard for me and for themselves in a class but its not every single person in every single class every single time. Sometimes l wonder why someone decided to turn up to class at all. l didn’t force them. But the excuses, the l cant, the defeated energy before the class has even begun… it’s an impossible battle to win. Not in Thailand. You see the fear in their faces, but the determination is in their eyes. 

Not everyone there arrives fit. Not everyone there is strong or lean or in the best body they could be in. But they all have the same purpose. To change something. There are more people there for the mental result than the physical. The Physical is the bonus. When you push past the mental battle, through the heat, through the pain and through the points where the body fails you come out on the other end knowing you can achieve anything. And THAT’s the addiction. The feeling of being invincible. You begin to wonder how far you can go and then you start to see the physical results and from there.. you never want to leave.

l haven’t met anyone ready to leave.. ever. In fact some people never do! What was meant to be a two week trip turns into two months, two years. This village of fitness becomes a controlled environment.. a safe place. Like minded people are everyone. There’s always someone within an arms length of you running down the road with a tyre around their waist, sprinting up Hallam Hill or the sounds of Mauy Thai training travelling through the air. Most restaurants only offer a “Healthy Menu” some even have the Protein/Carbs/Fats/Cal breakdown next to every meal so you can control your nutrition intake. There are raw bars and smoothie bars on every corner and countless massage parlours where you can have your sore tight muscles released and stretched for $12 an hour. This village of fitness makes it very easy for you to do what you came to do.. train to break point. Every single class, multiple times a day. Because at the end of the workout there is no work to go to, no food to make, no family to attend, no laundry… nothing. Just recovery time. A swim, a sleep, food and then repeat. 

Surrounded by so many inspiring people you become part of the community pretty quickly. You see familiar faces in each class and everyone is motivating and supporting each other to get through the workout. The trainers are some of the best in the world but in the classes are also some of the best trainers in the world, their energy, their fitness level, their work rate is always inspiring, its never intimidating. You never get left behind and you never feel like you’re on your own. You’re a part of something. You carry it into class, you carry it out of class and you definitely carry it home. 

Thailand for me has become my go to place to be better. Better mentally. All the other results are an incredible bonus. It allows me to continue to do what l do well here but is never easy. Im so grateful to be in a position where l can influence others to also want to become better. Whether that’s physically or mentally better. This experience in Thailand.. ld love everyone to try it once. You go there with so much to loose but come back with so much more gained.  SO worth the journey. 

Join us September 1st – September 10 2016 for the next trip of a lifetime. Full package details on out event page. 

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