Breaking the “ATTACHMENT” Cycle

We are brought into this world attached. It’s no wonder we spend the rest of our lives trying to understand our attachment styles and then break out of them. If only is was as simple as cutting the cord at birth. But what if it could be? As infants and children we develop a dependency. […]

Breaking The Bad Food Cycle.

We spend such a short amount of time with our riders each week. 45mins 2-3 times week. We are so invested in ensuring their experience is the best it can be while they are in with us, so they can carry that with them once they leave the room. Outside of that its almost impossible […]

The Practice of Living in the Present

We live in a city where life is so fast paced. We are always planning for the future, looking forward to tomorrow, thinking about where we want to be, should be, need to be. We juggle careers, families, partners. We are constantly showing up for others often putting them before ourselves. We are lucky to […]

How to Kick Start The Sprung in your Spring?

SPRING! It’s a season we all look forward to all winter. Longer days and warmer weather brings with it motivation and inspiration to leap into our fitness routine and healthy eating plans. But sometimes it’s not as simple as flicking the switch on when September 1 ticks over. We can still be stuck in a […]

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

It’s been 6 years this month since l was a naive little entrepreneur with a HUGE vision to open an indoor cycling studio in Bondi Beach. It has been the most defining and changing experience of my life. You run on excitement and adrenaline in the first year and if you are lucky to survive […]

The Ultimate Fitness Experience – Thailand.

It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t trained in Thailand before what exactly makes the experience so incredible. Most people who have followed my journey on both trips would read some of my posts and think, what on earth could possibly be so appealing about training two to three hours a day, in high […]

The Vicious Journey

Knowing what l know now.. what would l change or would l do it again if l knew? The two most asked questions l get and the answers.. just as complex as the journey! You have an idea and all of a sudden that idea is evolving into a concept. You board the bullet train […]